One of our reportes had this conversation

tell us about you?

I’m chisom daniel ibiam,y’all call me yung klassick…i’m a singer,great dancer,student and songwriter..

How was your childhood like?

Sincerely it was fun..i was nt born with a silver spoon but my parents provided everything i wanted…

When did u start music?

Hmm i started up a drummer at age 8…i was in d senior choir at that age too,so it made me 2 love music 4rm a tender age n wnt 2 do music..but professional i started last year tho av bin writing songs n av bin arnd d studio since 2010…

How many songs do u av out?

Well,i’av two songs ‘shawdy n celebrate’ buh m stil workin on more songs…

What are your plans?

I want 2 mk good music,promote my songs,get a record deal n big deals mk videos + other stuffs..
How do u see ur female fans?

Lol i see them lyk m sisters n great supporters,without dem we’re nothing…

Are u in2 a realationship?

Ahhhh lol *lip sealed* unto d nxt one…

Who are ur mentors?

I’av got great love 4 chris brown,jason derulo,justin bieber,usher,p sqaure,wizkid n harrysong 2 mention a few…no vex if u didnt hear ur name na freestyle lol…

Thanks for the time,..

“its nuttin”